11 may 2013

The Conference shall take place in October 2013 at Karelian Research Centre premises in Petrozavodsk. It has been listed in the Government-approved National Environment Year Key Events Plan.

The Conference aims to discuss the matters and work out solutions based on existing international documents and treaties (Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation on the development of the Green Belt of Fennoscandia, Convention on Biological Diversity, etc.) to generate a common system of protected areas in the European North, and to join the efforts for comprehensively dealing with environmental, ethno-cultural and socio-economic problems of the border regions within GBF.

To this end, the following major themes will be discussed at the Conference:

  • GBF – the backbone of the system of protected areas in the European North;
  • GBF nature;
  • GBF historical and cultural heritage;
  • Socio-economic aspects of the development of the districts and municipalities in GBF territory;
  • Development of the system of regionally-subordinated PAs.

Abstracts up to 400 words are to be e-mailed at greenbelt@krc.karelia.ru as attached .rtf or .doc files before August 15, 2013.

More deailed information on the Conference, participation and organizers, as well as a registration form could be found in the Second Circular of the Conference and the official site of the project green-belt.krc.karelia.ru

We will be glad to answer your questions sent at greenbelt@krc.karelia.ru.