Association «North-Centre» and SYKLI Environmental School of Finland held the online-training within the «NordCompostEd» project

21 december 2020

On December, 14 – 19, the online training on organic waste was organized for volunteers, eco-activists and teachers within the framework of the international project «NordCompostEd».

The training was conducted by experts from SYKLI Environmental School of Finland: Natalia Ripatti and Maria Thorn. Video lectures were chosen as an educational format, these lectures were prepared by experts: «The experience of Finland: implementing the system of the organic waste management», «Creating a plan for the bio-waste management in educational institutions, cafes, canteens (main stages, support, examples) », «How can we use theory and practice to tell an interesting story about organics?». All the video lectures are published on the project page in the social network Vkontakte.

Moreover, the online-training participants were offered to complete 3 short homework tasks: take a test, come up with a plan for an eco-educational event and analyze the work of existing volunteer and eco-educational organizations and find best practices that could be applied in the activities.

The training final stage was a webinar, where the participants asked their questions directly to the lecturers, worked in groups and discussed possible ways of applying the new knowledge in the activities.

The events within the «NordCompostEd» project will continue in 2021.

The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers ' program «NGOs in the Baltic Sea Region».