BEFF gets involved into eco-efficiency

7 april 2014

Barents Ecology Film Festival (BEFF) will take place in April 2014, in Petrozavodsk, Russia. BEFF will become the center of ecology-focused life of the Barents Region, which will promote further cooperation between the countries. BEFF unites the film directors, who make films about the environment, raise the ecological issues and offer positive problem solutions. It also demonstrates the ecology tourism development potential of the Northern regions and unites those who are intrested to learn something new, to share their opinions and to find creative problem solutions. Ecological consciousness is the main goal of the Festival. Everyone can do something to protect our environment!

There will be competition of movies:

  • Documentary
  • Feature
  • Short Feature, 
  • Documentary 
  • Animation
  • Nature and Minority people
  • Young Production ( from 14 to 30 years)

Films of more than one hour :

  • Documentary
  • Feature

BEFF doesn’t only show the newest ecological films, but also offers you a wide variety of other activities: exhibitions, workshops, art projects, contests of different kind and much more.
BEFF is the place for creative people: you can participate in workshops on filmmaking, EcoFashion. 
BEFF is the place for discussions, lectures and seminars devoted to the environmental issues as well as the opportunity of networking among the ecologists, film directors and the residents of the Barents Region. 
Seminars will be held at BEFF2014: 

  • 24 of April will be seminars “Eco- Effecient tourism” and "Social aspects of events”. 
  • 25 of April will be seminars «The future of film cooperation” and discussion “Petrozavodsk – green bicycle city”
  • Cultural program:
  • 24 of April The Opening Ceremony of festival “Green City”
  • 25 of April MODDI concert ( a Norwegian musician from Troms fylke)
  • 26 of April The Closing Ceremony of Barents Ecology Film Festival and The Spring Flowers Ball. And you’ll be able to see the film project made during the workshop and ecology fashion show of the leading designers.
  • 27 of April The EcoFood competition for local restaurants and production.

At the Festival special attention will be paid to ecological education, idea exchange and new ways of forming ecological thinking.

For further information about the BEFF please visit the website http://beffest.com/ or contact us at beffest@gmail.com