Roundtable session “Entrepreneurship and cross-border cooperation”

26 october 2015

Roundtable session “Entrepreneurship and cross-border cooperation” within the 7th Youth Economic Forum “New Economy – New Opportunities” will be held on November 12, 2015.

The location at the border opens up wide business opportunities and creates the conditions for unraveling the economic and human potential of the territory. Whether that is true, to what extent cross-border cooperation promotes economic growth, and what mechanisms there are to support international enterprise will be discussed by Russian and international experts at the roundtable “Entrepreneurship and cross-border cooperation”.

The topics to be covered by the invited experts and during the following discussion are:

  • factors for cross-border integration which help the territories develop;
  • best practices, promising niches and latest trends in cross-border enterprise;
  • distinctive business arrangements on the two sides of the border.

Special guests:

  • Dmitry Kislov (Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Republic of Karelia) will tell how new EU-Russia cross-border cooperation programmes can potentially be utilized for the benefit of businesses and local communities.
  • Alexey Shvejkovky (Researcher, Oulu Business School) will introduce the Oulu Business Kitchen – an innovative platform to support international entrepreneurship, and tell about the opportunities offered to international business by cooperation with the Martti Ahtisaari Institute of Global Business and Economics.
  • Nikolai Mezhevich (Dr (DSc) of Econ., Professor, School of International Relations of the St. Petersburg State University; Head Researcher, RAS Institute of Regional Economic Problems) will assess global risks for regional development in Russia.


  • Ministry of Economic Development, Republic of Karelia, Russia;
  • Institute of Economics, KarRC RAS, Russia;
  • NPP North-Centre, Russia;
  • North Karelia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Finland;
  • Oulu Business School, Finland;
  • Imatra Region Development Co, Finland;
  • South Karelian Russia Chamber of Commerce, Finland
  • Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

 You are invited!