Roundtable “Entrepreneurship and cross-border cooperation”

26 november 2015

On November 12, the roundtable Entrepreneurship and cross-border cooperation was held in Petrozavodsk within the 7th Youth Economic Forum: New Economy – New Opportunities. The roundtable gathered representatives of over 20 organizations from Russia, Finland and Germany in Petrozavodsk (Russia).

The opportunities available today for the development of business of cross-border (international) nature have been outlined, discussed and assessed at the roundtable.

On the other hand, experts spoke about major hindrances that Russian and Finnish companies face when implementing their international business projects. Some of these are market entrance barriers and lack of information about companies willing to collaborate with foreign colleagues, legal complexities and red tape, fiscal and administrative barriers, infrastructural constraints.

Among the outputs of the roundtable are a number of joint initiatives for developing entrepreneurial activity across the border. More information is available in the memorandum (PDF) on the results of the roundtable.