Karelian Research Centre and North-Centre are to take part in the “Baltic Sea Underground Innovation Network” (BSUIN) Project under Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme

16 june 2017

A consortium of partners from the Baltic Sea Region, including Karelian Research Centre, has won the grant under the Baltic Sea Region Programme to implement the project called “Baltic Sea Underground Innovation Network” (BSUIN).

The purpose of the project is to develop a service offering of Baltic Sea Region's (BSR) underground laboratories (UL) in order to promote their capability to provide technology transfer utilizing the facilities and research infrastructures of the ULs for business development.

Besides scientific research, the ULs can provide unique environments for various businesses, such as technology development for mining and tunnel construction equipment or radiation shielding systems or for testing of geophysical, radiation detection, and other measurement instruments. Underground Laboratories can also work as production sites, which is a new and growing field, especially in thermal energy generation or food production.

Services in tourism together with modern event and media technologies can also occupy a niche in the business built upon innovative cooperation with such laboratories.

Karelian Research Centre will be working in the project to develop the Ruskeala Underground Laboratory (at Ruskeala Mining Park), which is expected to have a very special profile related with tourism but also opening up new possibilities for research and corresponding innovations. Potential end users of the Ruskeala UL will be clients from science & innovation, arts & crafts, tourism & museums, and other fields.

Contacts: Igor Shevchuk, Nadezhda Mikhailova; Department of Multidisciplinary Research Projects, Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, shevchuk@krc.karelia.ru, mikhailova@krc.karelia.ru