«North-centre» at the III International business forum in Kostomuksha

3 october 2019

On October, 1 Alexandra Smirnova, director of the Association «North-centre» moderated the Round table «Sustainable economic development of the territory» within the III International business forum «New business opportunities» in Kostomuksha (Republic of Karelia). The business forum was organized by Kostomuksha city administration, Regional Council of Kainuu, Suomi-Venäjä Seura and the Government of the Republic of Karelia.
The discussion was devoted to the results of getting the status of «territories of advanced socio-economic development» by the Northern territories and single-industry towns, including Kostomuksha. Moreover, the topics of for small and medium-sized businesses, the development of investment attractiveness of the regions of Karelia and Finland were touched upon as well. The Round table resulted in recommendations for entrepreneurship in the Northern territories development.

Association "North-centre" expresses gratitude to the Forum organizators for the invitation.