Technical and investment level

Development and introduction of environmentally sustainable technological solutions for facilitation of specific recreation areas and tourist routes:

2.1. Assessment of existing Russian practices and potential for introduction of Finnish experience in technical facilitation of open-use sites along popular tourist routes 
2.2. Preparation of Terms of Reference for demo projects
2.3. Implementation of pilot demo projects:
       a) Facilitating two campsites in long-stay recreation areas (several days to several weeks at the beach) – Lake Syamozero and Ladoga skerries shores
       b) Facilitating short-stay (a few minutes to a few hours) stopover sites along the “Blue Highway” route
    Provisional list of technical solutions for facilitation of pilot areas:
  • Dry toilets
  • Garbage containers
  • Beach dressing booths
  • Water supply systems
  • Facilitated picnic areas
  • Tent areas
  • Information boards, etc.
      c) Choosing and preparing visibility sites for maximum visitor interest and local population commitment and co-operation (in both Russia and Finland); using chosen visibility structures for creating and maintaining permanent interest
2.4. Preparation of investment business-plans for follow-up of demo projects