Provisional programme of the conference for November, 25

November 25, 2010, Thursday
09.00 ‑ 10.00
Registration of participants
Venue: Karelian Research Centre of RAS conference-hall (Pushkinskaya,11)
10.00 ‑ 12.00
Plenary session
10.00 ‑ 10.15
Welcoming addresses
Keynote presentations:
10.15 ‑ 10.30
Generation 21: towards the goal through temptations and risks
Larisa A. Pautova
Public Opinion Fund, Project Director, DSc (Sociol.)
10.30 ‑ 11.00
Capacity of the education to generate opportunities
Tatiana V. Rogozina
Leningrad Region Institute for Education Development, Senior Lecturer, Department of Management and Economy in Education
11.00 ‑ 11.15
Does the youth have faith in the North? Results of a joint sociological survey in Finland and Karelia
Tommi Hoikkala
Finnish Youth Research Network, Research Director, Professor, Finland
Anna S. Kapranovaite
Petrozavodsk State University, 5th year student, Specialist at Sociology Laboratory
11.15 ‑ 11.30
Creative potential of cooperation between children, youth and their mentors in formation of spirituality
Olli Saarela
Youth Self-Development Programme AWARD,
International Council Member, Finland
11.30 ‑ 12.00
Social capital and health of peoples of the North
Vitali M. Nilov
Petrozavodsk State University,
Faculty of Political and Social Sciences,
Chair of Social Work, PhD (Hist.), Assistant Prof.
12.00 ‑ 12.15
Ecology and sustainable nature use in the North
Speaker to be specified
12.15 ‑ 12.30
12.30 ‑ 13.30
Discussions with keynote speakers
13.30 ‑ 14.30
14.30 ‑ 17.00
Thematic sessions, round tables, workshops and creativity platforms:
Session 1 “Northern Economy: Structural Change and New Opportunities
Venue: Institute of Economic Studies, KarRC of RAS (A. Nevsky Av. 50)
Organizer: Institute of Economic Studies, KarRC of RAS
Facilitator – Evgueni V. Zhirnel’, PhD, Institute of Economic Studies, Secretary for Science
  • distinctive features of economic development, and competitive capacity of northern regions and remote cities;
  • postindustrial transformation and modernization of the economy of the North;
  • new opportunities for Northern countries and regions in the knowledge economy;
  •  local communities, and intellectual potential of Northern regions;
  • settlement system, and new forms of spatial organization in the North.
Session 2 “Environment and Sustainable Nature Use in the North”
Venue: KarRC of RAS Conference Hall (Pushkinskaya St. 11)
Organizer: KarRC of RAS, “North-Centre”
Facilitator – Olga V. Mescheryakova, PhD, Institute of biology, Karelian Research Centre of RAS, Senior Researcher
  • regulation of interconnections between economic development and nature conservation as a key factor for optimization of nature use;
  • problems of utilization, management and restoration of natural resources in the North;
  • Northern water objects – unique characteristics, and conservation with view to environment friendliness and human environmental safety;
  • working out of environmentally justified regional development strategies and concepts for development of the urban infrastructure and recreational areas;
  • modern architecture, design, landscape planning in northern settings.
Session 3 “Spiritual-moral and national-cultural development of the youth and mentors in the North. Possibilities, visions and experience of interactions”
Venue: to be specified
Organizer – State Committee of the Republic of Karelia on National Politics and Relations with Religious Associations
Facilitator – Elizaveta E. Kharitonova,
State Committee of the Republic of Karelia on
National Politics and Relations with Religious Associations,
Head of Department of Programmes for
State Support to Indigenous Peoples
  • raising the living standard in the North and making it more attractive for settlement through harmonious development of people in their native cultural and natural surroundings;
  • ethnic communities of the North, and their cultural potential;
  • promotion of the creative potential of the youth and adults to facilitate their self-actualization in the North.
  • preservation and utilization of the cultural, historical and natural heritage as a factor for sustainable socioeconomic development of the North;
  • religious culture as a factor for harmonious development of the youth in the North;
  • spiritual-moral and ethnocultural potential of the youth and their mentors in rural areas of the North as a factor for successful development of the territories.
Session 4 “Human health and ways to generate a comfortable living environment in the North”
Venue: Petrozavodsk State University (Lenin av., 33, room 221)
Organizer – Petrozavodsk State University
Facilitator – Tatiana V. Varlamova, PhD, Petrozavodsk State University, Medical School, Assistant Prof., Pediatrics Dept.,
Natalia V. Dorshakova, DSc, Petrozavodsk State University, Vice-Rector for Science;
  • problems of maintaining the health of people living in the North in relation to exposure to extreme climatic, geophysical and anthropoecological conditions in high latitudes;
  • development prospects of circumpolar medicine, application of its expertise in dealing with life extension issues, prevention and treatment of human diseases, maintenance of psychological health;
  • possibilities to influence demographic processes in northern regions;
  • harmonious development of the man amidst the northern nature;
  • environmental education and awareness-building, shaping environmental culture in people, finding ways for the society to support sustainable development and environmental safety ideas.
Roundtable “Topical issues of international relations and cross-border cooperation in the North”
Venue: The Karelian Branch of  the North-WestAcademy of Public Administration (Chapaev str., 6a, room 206)
Organizers - The Karelian Branch of  the North-WestAcademy of Public Administration; Association “Council of Municipalities of the Republic of Karelia
Facilitator - Alexei. K. Morozov, Association “Council of Municipalities of the Republic of Karelia, International programmes Director
Participants are expected to speak about and discuss the topics connected with the specificity of international relations in the North, policies of circumpolar nations in the sphere of cooperation for sustainable development, the role of international regional agencies and initiatives in international cooperation in the North.
Creativity platform “Choosing the way: joint responsibility of youth and adult”
Venue: Petrozavodsk Pedagogical College (Studenchesky 14).
  • Ministry of Education of Republic of Karelia;
Partners of the Creative Cooperation School:
  • Interregional Youth Movement “AWARD Association”,
  • Petrozavodsk Pedagogical College,
  • A. Nevsky Karelian Military School,
  • Petrozavodsk Comprehensive School No5,
  • Karelian Regional NGO “Teacher of Republic of Karelia”,
  • Karelian Regional Children’s NGO “Cadets of Karelia”.
  • development of the creative potential of the youth and adults to facilitate their successful self-actualization in the North;
  • promotion of modern methods, forms and technologies that shape a conscious choice of the cultural and spiritual way;
  • building creative capacity for networking among organizations working with children and youth.
Session facilitators – Rimma E. Yermolenko, PhD, Petrozavodsk Pedagogical College, Director;
Elena N. Kolechenok, Interregional Youth Movement “AWARD Association”, President.
Expert roundtable facilitators:
Guennadi A. Saraev Ministry of Education of Republic of Karelia, Deputy Minister;
Mikhail V. Ognev, Ministry of Education of Republic of Karelia, Leading Specialist;
Irina A. Milyukova, PhD, Petrozavodsk State University, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Chair of Sociology, Assistant Prof.;
Nadezhda V. Krupnova, A. Nevsky Karelian Military School, Patriotic Upbringing Director.
Master class facilitators Vanda N. Solodkina, Petrozavodsk Comprehensive School No5, Vice Director;
Irina V. Lundovskikh, A. Nevsky Karelian Military School, Social Tutor;
Sergei A. Lyubimov, Interregional Youth Movement “AWARD Association”, Executive Director.
18.30 ‑ 20.00
Cultural event “Polyphony of the North”
Venue: to be specified
Organizer - Republican Centre for National Cultures and Folk Arts.