Terms for participation and publication of materials

Terms of participation and registration

  • Age limitations for participation are non-existent
  • No fee for participation is charged
  • Participants cover their own direct costs of travel to Petrozavodsk and back, accommodation and meals
Rough costs of meals:
  •  Business lunch at Corsica café on November 25 (Kuibyshev St. 9) – RUR 120
  • Lunch at «XXXX» Café on November 25 (Marx St. 3) – RUR 220
  • Buffet lunch at Karelia Hotel & SPA restaurant on November 25 (Gyulling St. 2) – RUR 550
  • Lunch in Pryazha on November 26 – RUR100 
  • The participants who have registered after October 1, 2010 are requested to arrange hotel reservation for themselves. You may visit the tourism website “Karelia” at http://www.ticrk.ru for further information about hotels in Petrozavodsk.
  • All participants (including those registered before October 1, 2010) are requested to fill in the registration form (see Annex) for the lists of participants of sessions, roundtables, planning workshops, etc. to be put together.
Submission requirements
Conference abstracts shall be published before the conference is opened.
Abstract format
  1.  Abstract size – up to 2000 symbols.
  2. Margins: top and bottom – 2 cm, left – 3 cm, right – 1.5 cm.
  3. Paragraphs 1.25 cm indented; text editor – Word’97 or later; 1.5 line spacing; “Times New Roman” 12 mm; RTF format for text.
  4. Arrangement of the material:
  • Authors’ names, scientific degree, titles;
  • position, institution of affiliation, city;
  • title of the paper (centered, all upper case);
  • body text;
  • literature cited (alphabetic listing).
After the conference is over, the participants’ papers (brief scientific articles) and presentations shall be loaded to the NP North-Centre website.
The format requirements for papers (brief scientific articles) are the same as for abstracts, except for the size. Thepapers (briefscientificarticles) must not exceed 10 000 symbols.

Important deadlines 

  • The deadline for application for participation and submission of abstracts is November 1, 2010.
  • The deadline for submission of the participants’ papers (brief scientific articles) and presentations is November 26, 2010