«Eco-efficient tourism» project was presented on «Strategic planning in the regions and cities of Russia» Forum

29 october 2012
XI All-Russian Forum «Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia» took place October 22–23, 2012 in St. Petersburg. The Forum gathered leading Russian experts, representatives of foreign organizations, Russian government institutions and bodies for the strategic planning discussions in the framework of more than 30 events.
The Minister of Regional Development of Russia V. Gaevsky gave an opening speech. «Brand new approaches towards regional policy are a critical factor for our country taking its rightful place in world development and maintaining its positions and interests», — he said. — What we need is the renewal of spatial development methods, the re-establishment of strategic planning on a federal level. In short, we need the «reset» of the basics and fundamental concepts of state regional policy.» 
The opening session was also attended by the member of St. Petersburg Administration — the Head of Committee of economic development, industrial policy and trade I. Golikov, the deputy head of State Duma Committee of regional policy and problems of North and Far East V. Pivnenko, the Head of Department of trade negotiations of Ministry of economic development of Russian Federation M. Medvedkov, etc.
The main international event devoted to sustainable development and ecology issues was Nordic Green day that included 3 seminars:
  1. Green solutions and the technology of sustainable development for regions and cities: green planning instrument and strategies
  2. Green solutions and the technology of sustainable development for regions and cities: Nordic-Russian Greenways
  3. Green solutions and the technology of sustainable development for regions and cities: sustainable hubs and cleantech clusters

The participants discussed the opportunities for the promotion of «green technologies», development of international cooperation in this field, the stimulation of innovations and investments in efficient use of resources and environmental protection.

Photos by A. Yushko
The «Eco-efficient tourism» project was presented in the framework of a round table devoted to tourism development. I. Shevchuk and E. Zhirnel highlighted the problems in tourism development in the Republic of Karelia in general and pilot territories in particular in their presentation «Eco-efficiency concept and implementation of tourism-related projects». They also showed that the multiplicative effect would be connected not only with the tourism development but also would be aimed at the rise of investment attractiveness of municipalities, finding solution to unemployment problem and improvement of ecological situation. Special attention was paid to the fact that eco-efficiency concept is an inherent part of projects implemented in Karelia and Finland and is oriented to harmonious interactions between man and nature in the North.
This comprehensive approach towards project implementation, as well as the experience of the «North - Centre» and its partners in «green projects» development was also presented in other reports of the Forum. 

in English


Zhirel E., Shevchuk I. «Eco-efficiency concept and implementation of tourism-related projects»


in Russian


Zhurel E., Savelev Y., Shevchuk I. «Green» technologies and spatial development of peripheral territories»


in Russian

Krishen A., Savelev Y., Titov A.
«Environmental framework and new infrastructural model for sustainable development of northern territories as a basis for a shift to «green economy»

The Forum «Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia» is held annually since 2002 and has already firmly and justifiably gained the right to be regarded as the main platform for discussion of methods and tools of strategic planning, as well as constructive analysis on the most important and sensitive problems of strategic plans and complex projects implementation in urban development of Russian Federation.


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