Eco-efficient Tourism meeting with entrepreneurs a success

21 february 2014

Eco-eficent tourism panel meeting with local entreprenuers took place at "Hyvinvointikeskus Toivonlahti centre" in Ilomantsi 20.2.2014. Over 20 participants took part.

The half day meeting focused on infoboard development and realization process and also eco-efficiency examples from North Karelia and other parts of Finland on how entreprenuers/tourism service providers can incorporate eco-efficiency in their daily activities and how networking can help the tourism companies maximize profits whence reducing environmental impacts in their daily activities.

Also, a presentation was given on intended infoboard process and the entreprenuers were given the chance to comment on the issue. All materials from the event can be retrieved here.

The event was solely in Finnish language as it was meant for local tourism entreprenuers mainly from Ilomantsi area of North Karelia. The meeting was a success and produced great comments and ideas for development & cooperation beyond the meeting. "Companies and eco-efficiency contest" was also launched in same day and ended on 31.3.2013. 

The photo: One of the already installed infoboards in Parppeinvaara, Ilomantsi.

Photo by Daisy L Silvennoinen