Training seminar "Eco-efficient technologies in tourism"

A training seminar "Eco-efficient technologies in tourism" was held in Pryazha on April 22. The participants of the seminar were presented the experience and best Russian and foreign practices of establishment and development of tourism stopovers along popular tourist routes. Local entrepreneurs, specialists from District and Settlement Administrations as well as local experts in tourism and culture took part in the Seminar. You can learn more detailed information from the «News»

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You can also download the presentations presented at the Seminar:

Reporter/ topic of the report  



Berdino A. The review of existing technical solutions for tourist infrastructural objects development


Biktimirova E., Vasilyeva A. The review of best practices of creation and development of recreational zones   Russian  

Zhirnel E., Shevchuk I. Eco-efficiency concept in tourism

Konovalov A. Financial and consulting provision of business in the sphere of tourism   Russian  
Karminiemi S. Finnish experience of tourist routes development (the example of international route “Blue Road”)   English  
Lappalainen M. Ilomantsi Municipality as an Eco-Efficiency actor   English