Project "Tourist stopover site at "Dlinny" beach at Syamozero lakeshore (Pryazha district)"

10 september 2012

Southern shore of Lake Syamozero along which the highway from Petrozavodsk passes is a popular recreation area, which received its own name "Dlinny" (in Rus. means "Long") beach. The beach had no facilities for guests for a long time; in recent years, the part of the beach was being improved by the travel company located close the beach.

This project aims to continue the improvement of 1 ha of the beach (the total area of ​​the beach is 17 ha). The projected area is a strip of land about 60 meters wide located between the lake and a highway. 

The project will implement the following activities aimed at organization of the comfortable stopover site.

The main entrance to the beach is provided from the north-west, along the highway through the seasonal passage. The passage will be embounded by the fence made of gabions not to let cars passing directly to the lake shore. Gabions are filled with natural stone. 

The following facilities will be located along the gabions: an information board - in the central part, lavatories and trash containers - on the edges. The spots free of pines will become the places for 3 shelters with outside grills, tables and benches (each shelter will have an excellent view on the beach and the lake)

The information board is aimed at placement of texts and pictures with historical, natural, geographic information about the place. The board is a structure  made of wooden posts, two panels for placement of materials and decorative lintel with the name of the place.