Project news

29 september 2014
"Eco-efficient tourism" participates in the exhibition for the third time
26 august 2014
The video about the project won the jury award in a european contest
4 august 2014
2 weeks left till the end of voting for the "Eco-efficient tourism" movie!
21 february 2014
Eco-eficent tourism panel meeting with local entreprenuers took place at "Hyvinvointikeskus Toivonlahti centre" in Ilomantsi 20.2.2014. Over 20 entreprenuers were presented.
22 january 2014
"Marketing and investments" seminar report is published.
28 november 2013
The seminar "Marketing of eco-efficient technologies. Investments in sustainable development." took place in Joensuu and Ilomantsi on November 21-22, 2013
3 june 2013
A training seminar "Eco-efficient technologies in tourism" was held in Sortavala on May, 30.
22 april 2013
A seminar "Eco-efficient technologies in tourism" was held in Pryazha on April 22.
16 january 2013
Joensuu hosted the coordination meeting of project partners that took place January 14, 2013.
17 december 2012
"Eco-efficient tourism" project leader Igor Shevchuk took part in the Second tourism seminar that was held in Vuokatti (Finland)
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