Project "Tourist service point in Kolatselga (Pryazha district)"

3 september 2012

The projected tourist service point is located close to the access to Kolatselga from Sortavala's side. Today there are a cafe and a store where drivers of buses and cars make short stops.

The project proposes to develop this site in accordance with up-to-date requirements of tourist service considering its beneficial location akong the tourist route to Finland. The project envisages that the following services will be provided at the site: information about local attractions, facilities for short rest, food in a cafe (national homemade pastry), bathrooms. 

The point of tourist service is easily noticable from the road thanks to 3 flag poles. The tourists passing Kolatselga by will arrive to the excisting site and park at a guest parking lot. They will be able to go to the bathrooms installed outside the cafe and a store located close to the parking lot. The additional bathroom for people with limited mobility is envisaged inside the cafe. The owners of the cafe will construct a covered terrace with tables and chairs for better quality of services provided at this point.  

The information board is aimed at placement of texts and pictures with historical, natural, geographic information about the place. The board is a structure  made of wooden posts, two panels for placement of materials and decorative lintel with the name of the place. 

The bathrooms will be constructed in accordance with the project of a Finnish architect Jouni Salokannel. The WC will be a rectangular building under a common gable roof. The size will be 9,1*3,3 m. The building will be divided into 3 parts: 2 stalls (M amd W) from the sides and a technical room in the middle. The entrance to each stall will have a porch with awnings. The building will be made of wooden frame structures.