30 may 2014
Topical issues of Barents Euro-Arctic development were discussed in Petrozavodsk on May 23rd, 2014
7 april 2014
Barents Ecology Film Festival (BEFF) will take place in April 2014, in Petrozavodsk
28 march 2014
During the 1st information seminar of the project experts presented the results of a comprehensive Ladoga research
19 march 2014
The first Potsdam Summer School 2014 - Arctic in the Anthropocene will take place from June 23 until July 04, 2014
13 february 2014
To enable a scientific and practical analysis and discussion of the specific tasks arising from the
new declaration the National Institute of Research of Global Security (NIRGlobS), Karelian
Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KarRC RAS), and the non-profit
partnership Centre for Problems of the North, Arctic and Cross-border Cooperation (North-
Centre) shall organize the 4th International Conference “Innovative and Safe Cooperation in
the Barents Euro-Arctic Region”.
22 january 2014
"Marketing and investments" seminar report is published.
28 november 2013
The seminar "Marketing of eco-efficient technologies. Investments in sustainable development." took place in Joensuu and Ilomantsi on November 21-22
11 may 2013
We are glad to invite you to participate in an international conference "Green belt of Fennoscandia – 2013" that will take place in October 7-12, 2013 in Petrozavodsk
6 may 2013
We invite you to take part in the 5th Youth Economic Forum that will take place in November 14-15, 2013 in Petrozavodsk
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