9 november 2018
The project SUPER started with the discussion of environmental degradation issues in cultural and natural heritage areas and instruments of dealing with them.
14 december 2017
Partner Consortium led by North-Centre has been successful in its application with the project called "Sustainability Under Pressure: Environmental Resilience in natural and cultural heritage areas with intensive recreation " (Acronym: SUPER)
19 may 2017
North-Centre and Karelian Research Centre RAS organized the workshop “Practical opportunities for cooperation in the Barents Region” within the International Summer School in Karelia (ISSK 2017) “Perceptions of the Arctic and Barents Sea Region”.
24 may 2016
Students, researchers and policy makers discussed developments in the Barents Region.
26 november 2015
The roundtable gathered representatives of over 20 organizations from Russia, Finland and Germany in Petrozavodsk (Russia).
26 october 2015
Russian and international experts will discuss how cross-border cooperation promotes economic growth
12 august 2015
Igor Shevchuk, Director of NP “North-Center”, on July 30, 2015, took part in web-based seminar of The Arctic Summer College.
30 may 2014
Topical issues of Barents Euro-Arctic development were discussed in Petrozavodsk on May 23rd, 2014
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